Ja'don Christian | Enerjaee

Ja’don Christian, also known as Enerjaee, is a versatile and accomplished artist hailing from St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands. With a diverse skill set and a passion for dance, Ja’don’s journey in the performing arts has been both dynamic and inspiring.

🌟 Training with members of Dragon House in Atlanta expanded Ja’don’s repertoire to include Animation. Her talents have led to performances for artists, music festivals, dance competitions, TV roles, movies, commercials, and more. Notably, she danced on an episode of the Youtube Red series Step-Up High Water in 2018, propelling her to sign with Aligned Stars Agency in Atlanta, Georgia.

Professional Dancer | Contortionist | Creature Actor | Artistic Director | Dance Instructor

  • Versatile Skill Set: Ja’don’s expertise spans various dance styles, including Popping Animation, Bone-breaking, Tutting, Waacking, Voguing, Contemporary, Ballet, and Contortion. Dance serves as a medium for self-expression and authenticity, allowing Ja’don to explore the depths of creativity.

  • Street Dance Legacy: Rising through the ranks as one of the few female street dancers, Ja’don gained recognition for her exceptional talent in Tutting and Bonebreaking. Battling in New York and the South, she solidified her reputation as one of the best Female Tutters and advanced female Bonebreakers in the industry.

  • Community Engagement: Throughout the pandemic, Ja’don found purpose in collaborating with the Flex Dance Program in NYC. As a Youth Ambassador, Social Media Promoter, and Artistic Director, she mentors children in dance education and expression. Through the Flex Dance Program, Ja’don facilitates weekly Youth Dance cyphers, nurturing creativity and freedom of expression among youths globally.

Teaching Philosophy:

As an instructor, Ja’don empowers students to tap into their creativity, develop characters, and cultivate their unique dance styles. Specializing in skills such as waving animation, tutting, and Bonebreaking, she employs the towel method for safe and effective learning.

Connect with Ja’don:

Passionate about sharing her love for dance and fostering artistic growth within communities, Ja’don welcomes opportunities for collaboration and engagement. Whether seeking dance instruction, artistic collaboration, or simply wanting to connect, she is ready to inspire and ignite creativity.

Let’s embark on a journey of dance and expression together! 🎭💃🕺

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