Shao | Michał Szałucho

Michał Szałucho, a seasoned performer with over 17 years of captivating audiences worldwide, is known by many as Shao, his enigmatic stage persona. Specializing in object manipulation and kinetic optical illusions, Michał crafts mesmerizing experiences on stage.

🌟 Global Stage Experience: With a wealth of experience, Michał has graced stages in nearly 20 countries across three continents, delivering unique performances that transcend borders.

🚀 Object Manipulation Expertise: Michał’s expertise lies in the art of object manipulation, where simple objects become instruments of visual poetry, captivating audiences with each movement.

Performer | Object Manipulation Specialist | Visual Props Designer

Visual Props Design: Beyond performance, Michał is the creative mind behind visually stunning props, adding an extra layer of intrigue and artistry to his shows.

Awards and Recognition:

  • Finalist, Got Talent
  • Second Prize, Cirque Life Contest (International competition organized by artists from Cirque du Soleil)

Authorship and Innovation:

  • Author: Michał penned the insightful book “Create an Outstanding Show That Makes Money,” sharing his experiences and expertise in the world of performance arts.
  • Board Game Creator: The mind behind “The Greatest Show,” a board game that encapsulates the excitement and creativity of the performance world.

Multivisual Artistic Team: As a proud member of the Multivisual artistic team, Michał contributes to a collective of innovative minds shaping the landscape of contemporary performance art.

Digital Impact: Active on social media platforms, Michał has garnered a substantial following. Thousands of enthusiasts on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok accompany him on his artistic journey. His videos, viewed by over 200 million people on the internet, reflect the global resonance of his work.

Shao: A Mystical Performance Experience: Shao, Michał’s stage alter ego, is a mysterious character with three faces. In performances, Shao directs attention to the movement of simple objects, creating a contemplative atmosphere. Through the prism of kinetic optical illusion, Shao opens doors to another dimension, where vocal melodies become geometry in motion. Every Shao performance is an invitation to reflect on the essence of the present moment.

Join Michał on this artistic voyage, where each performance is a unique exploration of presence and creativity. Let’s connect and create unforgettable moments in the realm of performing arts. 🎭✨

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