The Executive Committee is the body responsible for leading, managing, and administering the WKF activity, by drawing up programmes in accordance with the directives approved by the Congress and by assuring that they are effectively implemented.

The Executive Committee shall be composed of the President, and at least twenty-three members, of whom five members shall be permanent members (i.e. the representatives of each of the five Continental Federations), one member the Chairman of the Athletes Commission, and seventeen elected members.

All the Executive Committee elective positions will be elected by the Congress.

In the Executive Committee, equal opportunity for women and men must be assured.


  • Honorary President: Takashi SASAKAWA – Japan
  • Honorary Member: Tsunekazu TAKEDA – Japan
  • Honorary Member: Giuseppe PELLICONE –Italy

The Congress is the plenary organ of the WKF. 

The Ordinary Congress shall meet every two years at the occasion of the World Senior Championships and in the city where this event takes place.

The Ordinary Congress shall have the final say on all matters relating to karate as presented from the National Federations, and on any other topic of a general nature, and it shall define the guidelines for the WKF activity.

It shall decide only on matters included on the official agenda, which must include the following: approval of the minutes of the preceding Congress, reports of the President and General Secretary, report of the Treasurer and of the Auditors, report of the Chairman of the Sports Commission and election of new members to vacant positions in the Executive Committee.

The Congress shall be presided over by the President of the WKF, or in his absence by the 1st Vice-president or in absence of the latter by a Vice-president to be selected following the order in which they were ranked. The Congress secretary shall be the General Secretary of the WKF or, in his absence, the Assistant General Secretary unless otherwise delegated by the WKF President.

The following shall be entitled to take part in the Congress:

a) The affiliated National Federations in possession of voting rights.
b) The Executive Committee.
c) The Chairmen of the WKF Commissions.
d) The Honorary President(s) and Honorary Member(s).
e) The National Federations with provisional affiliation.

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